Auxiliary Equipment

Incinco provides a range of auxiliary equipment to enhance all the incinerator range.

Automatic loading via bin tippler

This equipment allows euro bins to be located and filled around the waste site, transported to the incinerator and loaded into the ram loader. The bin tippler is electro mechanical in operation and once the bin is positioned onto the loading arms automatically hoists the bin and tips the contents into the ram loader. Weigh scales can be fitted into this system to log waste quantities.

Automatic feeding via ram loader

The ram loader comprises a waste reception hopper with pneumatically or hydraulically operated parts, hinged top lid, ram pusher plate and vertical lift feed door. This system avoids operator exposure to the heat generated whilst manual feeding and reduces the ingress of cold air into the incinerator, maintaining stable combustion conditions. Pneumatic loaders are complete with air compressor, air receiver, pressure regulator, air filter unit, air cylinders, pressure gauge, flow regulator and control valves. Operation is via the main incinerator control panel.

Automatic de-ashing

This allows the plant to continuously operate whilst the ash is removed via reciprocating and riddling grates. The ash is then discharged into either an ash trolley which is changed manually or a submerged ash conveyor which conveys the wet ash directly into a skip avoiding problems caused with fly ash escaping to the atmosphere.

Flue gas scrubbing equipment

To meet the various emissions regulations throughout the world Incinco provide a range of gas cleaning equipment from simple wet gas washing systems to fully integrated ceramic pod dry filtration systems. Flue gas monitoring equipment Incinco provide a full range of monitoring equipment to give customers real time information on emissions standards. From simple chart recorders to fully electronic data creation and analysis - systems are individually designed to monitor chosen pollutants and meet customer needs.

Waste heat recovery

Waste heat recovery systems provide either hot water or steam via a single or double pass tube boiler and are complete with all safety controls. Boilers are integrated within the overall unit structure and are commonly used as a method of heat reduction required before gas cleaning.